Kenya Airports Authority Sheds Light on JKIA Incident

(NAIROBI, 19TH MAY, 2015) Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has confirmed that the morning incident at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, thought to be a terror attack, was a drill to test the country’s preparedness in handling terrorism related cases.

In a statement, KAA said: “Kenya Airports Authority would like to confirm that at 9AM today, we successfully conducted a security and emergency drill based on the following scenario.”

The scenario was a simulation of a group of terrorist hijacking a KQ flight with 30 passengers set to leave for Malindi.

The “terrorists” demanded food, refuelling facilities and a flight plan to their destination of choice. The GSU Recce team would then neutralize the threat, with casualties being evacuated by the Red Cross to various city hospitals.

KAA further stated that all airports under ICAO regulations and standards are obligated to carry out such drills once every three years to put to task their level of preparedness and security standards.


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