Prostitutes and Fake nuns at Sister Irene Stefani’s beatification in Nyeri

Prostitutes in the corridors of Nairobi. PHOTO: INTERNET

NYERI (May 24th, 2015) It is now emerging that as People were making their way to Nyeri County for the Holy Occasion of The Beatification of Sister (now BLESSED IRENE), Prostitutes and Petty Thieves were not left behind. According to one Victim whose name we are withholding because of the position he holds at the Dedan Kimathi University, He was enjoying his drink in the evening at a nearby Bar after a long day of the Ceremony when a very cute Woman approached him to ask for a mobile phone charger. The Man was willing to help but then the lady changed the topic and suggested that he should join her on her table. YES, he agreed to join her but as they continued to drink the Man felt dizzy and sleepy. He woke up after nearly 7 hours only to realize that his new Friend “Woman”, was missing, his two expensive phones, the Laptop and the Money were gone as well. According to our investigations, a good number of Prostitutes travelled from Nairobi and hired Hostels and Hotel rooms near Dedan Kimathi University with an aim to make money out of the unsuspecting Visitors and enthusiastic locals during the beatification period.

Fake Nuns

Nuns during the beatification mass of now " BLESSED IRENE" PHOTO: INTERNET
Nuns during the beatification mass of now ” BLESSED IRENE” PHOTO: INTERNET

In another incident as reported by the Standard, In a daring stance, two women dressed as nuns on Friday night walked into a hostel at Kimathi University of Technology and stole two bags belonging to foreign nuns in the country for the beatification ceremony of Sister Irene Stefani.
According to eye witnesses, the women were dressed in vestments similar to those of the nuns walked into the hostels pretending to be part of a delegation that was in search of accommodation at the university. “But other nuns working in the institution became suspicious and told them off. They then handed them over to security officers who ordered them out,” said Nyeri OCPD Charles Rotich However, as they walked out, they managed to pick the bags as if they had walked in with them. “But they were arrested by the police and are still in custody pending further investigations,” Father George Mutahi of the Nyeri Diocese told the Standard on Sunday. On the same night, a saloon car also went missing at Gikondi Catholic Church as the pilgrims observed their vigil.


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